About Us

John Kraft: 

  • Father, Grandfather, US Navy Veteran.
  • 50 years experience in Martial Arts.
  • Experienced Instructor of Women, Men and Children.
  • Former Competitor on a National and World Championship level.
  • Seminar Guest Instructor Nationally.
  • Specialized in Women’s Self Defense.
Mission statement: Personal Safety is one of our most important priorities, because we all matter. Self Defense should also be considered as a part of our daily Personal safety. Like everything in life, we must learn skills to be competent, either at home, work or in public. We have what you need to gain skills in Self Defense and Self Protection Education. This program will help you increase your level of competence and empower you.
Thank you for considering us. For further information, Call John today at (360) 470-2208, or email at: americanhs50@gmail.com.
Check out our school website at Pacific Shaolin Kenpo: https://www.nwshaolinkenpo.com/